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Welcome to The Diet Skinny.  A blog about a group of funny friends and their six week relationship with a popular diet book.  The reason for the blog?  It is my premise that all of these diet books describe how their particular way of eating will work for all people.  I don’t believe it.  I believe that there are aspects of each of these popular diets that may work for most, but as we are all unique and wonderful individuals biologically, psychologically and spiritually how could one size fit all?  Look I get it, these experts/authors need to sell books and need to build their cache- it’s about money (ultimately about power, but that’s another post for another time).  Enter The Diet Skinny, a blog where real folks with real lives try these diets to see how they fit into their lives.  We are a group of middle aged folks with ever slowing metabolisms and ever increasing waistlines looking for the best diet for us individually.

I also believe that it is the human connection that makes each one of successful in any foray.  So why would dieting (“die” with a “t”on the end) or mindful eating (a more poetic way of dieting) be any different.  In 2013, Americans spent 2.4 billion dollars on weight loss (read this article for some startling facts) and, yet, overweight and obese folks/kids are still increasing.  Something is wrong.  Pills, fad diets, and crazy exercises are not working.  What does work?  Ever watch The Biggest Loser? Okay, sure, they have cameras, trainers and cooks, but they have each other as well.  We crave connection more than the candy bar or, in my perfect world, the pretzel croissant. The Diet Skinny will test this hypothesis and prove (or not) to us all that Jenny Craig while a lovely woman, I’m sure, is not as great as a true friend.

So, here goes.  Our foray into the world of weight loss trends.  We will document our success with a new diet every six weeks (of course, if someone is uber-successful on one diet and wants to stay on it they can).  We will have a two week respite and then pick up another diet for the next six weeks.  Some of us may try a different exercise regime, some of us may be too busy with kids and work to do so.  Regardless, we will try as best we can to stick to the diet, to exercise and to become more healthy.  We will not judge each other or ourselves for falling off the wagon, but will be very encouraging of each other to get back on track. 

We will be tracking our steps per day, our weight per week, our BMI before and after the six weeks, and our happiness (overall).  Ultimately, we are seeking to increase our and those around us happiness and while greater health and physical well-being is a facet to overall happiness it is not everything.  We will be incorporating other potential “happiness practices” such as meditation/mindfulness, gratitude journals, and breath work so stay-tuned!

Finally, just to be clear.  With the exception of the first diet, we all have a vote in the diets we choose.  We are not endorsed by these diet authors.  We cannot be bought.

Welcome All and Thanks for Checking Out The Diet Skinny

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